Sunwheel - Golden


The Sunwheel is an ancient symbol appearing in many cultures around the world from neolithic times. It is called by many names (solar cross, wheel cross, Odin's cross). While the original meaning has been lost to history, the Sun is believed to invoke abundance, prosperity, vitality, peace, and life. I regard it also as a symbol of protection.

I forge my Sunwheels on Sundays. I have an altar to the Sun in my shop, and make offerings to the Sun before every forging I invoke all the solar deities I work with, and ask the Sun to bless my work, to provide radiance and clarity to those who wear these pendants, to blaze clear paths for them, and to protect them. I chant a solar rune song and protection into each sunwheel

My Sunwheel is forged from steel. I wanted a version that had more solar energy, so I heat these to about 900 degrees and then vigorously brush them with a brass brush. This has the effect of manually plating the steel with brass, giving it it's golder hue. As with all my work, each piece is unique.

This pendant comes on a black deer skin lace cord approximately 32" long (hangs approximately 16"). The cord is double knotted to be adjustable. If you would prefer a vegan/nylon cord, please let me know and I'll be happy to send you the pendant with the preferred cord.

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