• Image of Sunwheel
  • Image of Sunwheel

The Sunwheel is an ancient symbol appearing in many cultures around the world from neolithic times. It is called by many names (solar cross, wheel cross, Odin's cross). While the original meaning has been lost to history, the Sun is believed to invoke abundance, prosperity, vitality, peace, and life. I regard it also as a symbol of protection.

I forge my Sunwheels on Sunday. I make offerings to the Sun, and ask for it's blessing of each wheel I make. I chant the rune for the sun into each sunwheel.

My Sunwheel is forged from steel and given a protective black coating by being quenched in beeswax. As with all my work, each piece is unique and made to order.

Photography: Blackthorn Photography (http://www.blackthornphoto.com)
Earrings: Wolftea Creations (https://www.instagram.com/wolfteacreations)
Model: Ilana (5'3" for reference)