It's hard to say when the pendulum was first used for divination. A classic form and shape, this pendulum is hand forged in steel on a steel ring.

I forge my Pendulums on Wednesday (Woden or Odin’s day). I have an altar to Odin in my shop, and made offerings to Odin and the Norns for a blessing of this pendulum. As I forged it, I chanted into it a request for it to be tied to the web of Wyrd, that it give true answers, and that it reveal what the Norns weave, be it choice or fate.
Lastly, I quenched both in beeswax to give it a protective coating, which also gives it the black finish.

This pendant comes on a black deer skin lace cord approximately 32" long (hangs approximately 16"). The cord is double knotted to be adjustable. If you would prefer a vegan/nylon cord, please let me know and I'll be happy to send you the pendant with the preferred cord.

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