• Image of Pendulum
  • Image of Pendulum

It's hard to say when the pendulum was first used for divination. A classic form and shape, this pendulum is hand forged in steel on a steel ring.

I forge my pendulums on Wednesday (Wotan or Odin's day). I make offerings of smoke and spirit to Odin, and ask for his and the Norn's blessing. I chant into each pendulum an invocation of the Norns and their weaving of the Wyrd. I ask that each pendulum reveal the answer to the question ask, be it choice or fate.

The piece is given a protective black coating by quenching it in beeswax. As with all my work, each piece is unique and made to order.

Photography: Blackthorn Photography (http://www.blackthornphoto.com)
Earrings: Wolftea Creations (https://www.instagram.com/wolfteacreations)
Model: Ilana (5'3" for reference)