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The Crescent moon. Horns of the moon. This is my minimalist interpretation of the traditional Lunitsa pendant, also called Lunula or Lunica. Historically a feminine symbol of good luck and a happy life.

I have an altar in my shop and make offerings to the moon of oils of night blooming plants, of clear spirits, and of silver. I ask for the moon's blessing for each pendant. When I'm forging the pendant, I chant into each one while the metal is hot a blessing of the moon, that it guide the owner through darkness, and that darkness guild, as best suits the person, and that night and the mysteries of the moon provide protection from harm.

Hand forged from steel, each pendant is unique. They are given a protective coating by being heated to 1000 degrees and then dipped in beeswax, giving them their beautiful black patina.

Size is ~2.5" x2.5"

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