Anvil Dust


Also known as forge scale or hammer scale, anvil dust is iron oxide that forms on the surface of steel or iron heated to forging temperatures. As the smith's hammer strikes, this scale separates from the metal and falls on and around the anvil.

The smith's mystical status in many cultures, along with the magnetic character of anvil dust itself, combine to imbue this substance with magical meaning. Many traditional magical systems, perhaps most notably African American Hoodoo, make use of anvil dust, especially in workings related to luck, prosperity, and protection. It can be associated with smith deities like Ogun, Brigid, Wayland, Hephaestus / Vulcan, Svarog, Hadúr, Kagutsuchi, and Ilmarinen.

This anvil dust is harvested by hand from the face of the anvil only, never from the ground. It carries the power and intent of countless ritual forgings for protection, guidance, strength, and clarity.

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